One year journey

To write love on her arms

Hello people, I am not going to talk about my chunky self in this  I want to discuss a charity that I am supporting on my page. Don’t worry I’m not going to ask for money. The charilty is called To write love on her arms and it helps with people that feel there is no where to turn but suicide. All you have to do is click on the site and watch a small video that lasts like a minute then vote on what charity you feel should win a car. Chevy is donating 10 cars to the top ten picks. It’s an awesome way to support a cause for people who are to busy for much else. Thanks, I hope you look into it. Crystal



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Funny…I don’t feel like that

As you know I decided to change some things in my life I am not happy with. It’s weird one day you are perfectly happy with your life then another morning your wondering; How did I get here? It’s funny I went to a Dr. to get on a diet plan and she said loosing weight won’t help until I figure out what made me get out of shape…… I laughed. Jeez, could it be because I go for that extra piece of pizza or eat one to many cupcakes..and boy do I love cupcakes. I know what she meant, what happened to me? What made me a broken shell of a woman that would want to disfigure my body in such a way that I would want to be overweight.  Well, I could easily say it’s because I never felt loved or because I was abused when I was a child and talked down to all my life and I have a really shitty family. Boy I could go on and on but I wont for one simple reason. IT”S MY FAULT. I gained weight because I allowed it to be. Because I chose to eat instead of jog. Or watch T.V instead of play volley ball with my sister. I am the reason I am fat and I will be the reason of why I lose weight!!! This is going to be a long hard journey, one that I will fall flat on my face more than a few times and one I WILL finish. Maybe then I can get some of that self-esteem stuff I hear so much about. :).

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I am fat and so much more than that

My blog is about me and my one year journey to hapiness. I seem to have allowed my life to get me off track. So I have started a one year crasher course to get back where I want to be in life. This includes my weight, school love and family. I hope you enbark on this journey where only millions have gone before.. just not in the exact same way. Love you all 🙂 Crystal

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