One year journey

Sleep oh how I knew you…would be the death of me

I hate sleeping, I average 4 hours a night. There is something about sleeping that erks me. Why am I talking about sleep, you ask? Because I have been reading all these diet articles about the two most important things to a diet are SLEEP and Breakfast. Don’t even get me started on breakfast… how can anyone eat breakfast food. If I do eat breakfast it’s usually leftovers from the night before. As far as diets go I guess I’m in bad shape. I’m going to do something that’s going to kill me but starting tonight I am going to get my 8 hours and start eating a real breakfast every day. I did try oatmeal this morning and it was like forcing a rabid dog to balance a plate on its head.   (A few people got bit and there was shattered glass everywhere)

On a related note I walked 30 minutes this morning. I should have got my heart rate going a little more but did not want to push it. I’m going to walk 30 minutes every day for two weeks then bump it up to 45min. and on and on. My goal is to actually be able to jog, or skip.


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  1. Interesting. I hated eating breakfast. That is, until my bad eating habits ended up in Type II Diabetes, and eating breakfast was now a requirement to keep my blood sugar normal.

    Comment by It's just a web site man! | June 1, 2011 | Reply

  2. I know, I’m so lucky I don’t have diabetes yet. That’s another reason why I want to get my weight under control.

    Comment by thoughtsofafatgirl | June 1, 2011 | Reply

    • It is a pretty serious thing. I am a widower, although remarried to a wonderful woman. My first wife passed at the age of 34, as a result of complications from Diabetes and Kidney disease. I can tell you it is a slow and painful death. Not trying to bum you out, but that is the truth. Before she passed, I was diagnosed and freaked out. I lost 100 lbs, but now have gained 40 of it back. I am now back on track, but it is a struggle we will have for the rest of our lives. Press on, and know that God has a plan for your life.

      Comment by It's just a web site man! | June 2, 2011

  3. Great job! Love your blog. Who says you can’t eat non-breakfast food for breakfast? Would that help? Much success to you!!

    Comment by lisa reiter | June 1, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you so much Lisa!! Love the feedback.

      Comment by thoughtsofafatgirl | June 1, 2011

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