One year journey

What makes you happy? Chose one,two or all of them.

What makes you happy? What makes me happy? Well that’s easy enough to answer, right? I ran across an article that talks about what science says will make you happy. I found it interesting and actually tried all 10 simple little things. I encourage you to do the same, I mean it couldn’t hurt. If your grumpier at the end of this experiment then I owe you a coke.

1. Savor every moment.   Ok, this is a given, you always hear something along these lines but really try it. My sister came over today and instead of half way paying attention to her rants I really opened myself up to her and expressed real emotions. I really (savored) our visit and was happier at the end of the visit. However, I hope she doesn’t expect this much devotion every time she visits.

2. Avoid comparisons. This one I am not going to complete until tonight, I watch America’s Next Top Model and every time I compare how gorgeous they are and how blobby I am. (Yes, blobby is a word.) I’m not going to do that tonight and If I can’t help it I’m going to stop watching the show all together.

3. Put money low on the list. One of today’s chores was go shopping for summer items. I needed summer shirts,shorts and sandles. I thought I would try this one. I went to a thrift shop, instead of the high-end plus size shops I usually go to.  I did have to search more than usual I found some really good deals and spent a total of 25 dollars. Oh Yeah!! Money in my pocket!!!!

4. Have meaningful goals. I believe this blog is a great goal after all it is my one year goal of true happiness.

5.Take initiative at work. Ok, for one I’m off today and two I always take initiative so I’m skipping this one. And by the way work never makes me happy. I can’t wait till im done with school so I can start teaching. That is if our country havent done away with teachers all together.

6. Make friends, treasure family. I have plenty of friends and family for that matter. But I chose one from each group to send flowers, they will not receive them until tomorrow but it will be a nice surprise. I sent my mother yellow roses… her favorite and an old but loved friend a bouquet of mixed carnations. (I used my left over summer clothes money)

7. Smile even if it sucks. I walked by the restroom and saw how I looked in my new shorts and it really bummed me out. Then I read this article and put it to good use. I went to my full body mirror in my room stood there and smiled at myself for a few minutes. The longer I looked at myself the more I realized how pretty I really am and even though I am not 100% where I want to be right now I should love me no matter what. (This is my favorite one so far) fake it until you feel it.

8. Say thank you and mean it. I always say thank you but I made it a point to really let people know how much I appreciate them and what they do for me. This one is a work in progress, I will continue to do it because it’s just a nice thing to do.

9.Exercise. If you read my blog this morning then you know that is exactly what I done. I felt better after it and I seem more alert today. I think I got the blood flowing and the brain working. 🙂

10. Give it away. This one is easy for me, I am not materialistic at all. However, instead of giving away things I didn’t want I gave away things others could use that I still wanted. It was like I cleaned my house and my soul. Very nice. I’m really at peace right now.   snap.snap.

All in all this was a great experiment. One I will start to use in my every day life or at least once every couple of months. Hope y’all experience as much bliss as I did. Later, loves.



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