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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

Crazy? What a word! I can’t even remember all the times I have been called crazy in my life. I see myself as the cute, crazy, quirky kind of nuts. I guess it helps me cope with my craziness!! What kind of crazy are you? I stumbled across a website that helps you define your kind of crazy.   This isn’t one of those kid ones that you post on Facebook. I think it’s pretty accurate, but hey what do I know, I’m loony!   I might as well share what the quizzes say about me.  I’m a narcissist…. What?? No way!!!  I have said it before and I will say it again, I have two e-mails, twitter, blog, MySpace, Facebook and others I just can’t think of right now. I have all these accounts to simply tell people “I’m so bored” or “today’s laundry day…ugggh” These are my two latest posts. So, the narcissist thing is a no brainer.  (At the end of this post I have the true story of Narcissus; it’s very interesting just off the point).  I have no other disorder that truly stands out. I’m a little borderline but not very bad and I have a little anxiety disorder but that’s not all that fun to talk about. So, enjoy the quizzes and I hope it leads you to better mental health or at least a laugh. 😉   *** By the way, I think America uses the word narcissist way too much!!!***

Story of Narcissus

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Narcissus. He was the son of a god and he was very, very handsome. Many women fell in love with him, but he turned them away. One of the women who loved Narcissus was a nymph called Echo. Echo could not speak properly – she could only repeat what was said to her, so she couldn’t tell Narcissus that she loved him. One day, when Narcissus was walking in the woods with some friends, he became separated from them. He called out “Is anyone here?” Echo replied “Here, Here”. Echo stepped forward with open arms, wanting to cuddle him. But Narcissus refused to accept Echo’s love. Echo was so upset that she left and hid in a cave, until nothing was left of her, except her voice. The Maiden, a goddess, found out about this, and she was very angry. She made Narcissus fall in love with himself. When Narcissus looked
at his reflection in a pond one day, he looked at his reflection and said I love and Echo replied I love you but Narcissus honestly thought his reflection said I love you. He stayed on that spot forever, until he died.

Story of Echo

Hera, the Queen of Mt. Olympus, cast a spell over her servant Echo for talking too much. As a punishment, Echo could only repeat what someone else said. Once Narcissus was dead she pinned for him aimlessly wandering around looking for her love. All that was left of her was her voice that can still be heard today in certain hollow places, senselessly repeating the words of others.


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