One year journey

Everyone has super powers

Almost every morning I go to my favorite local coffee shop to relax. I drink my chilled coffee and read my newspaper, the old-fashioned print newspaper. If your younger than 25 I doubt you even know what a newspaper is, internet news gotta love it!  Oh well back to my story, I’m sitting there enjoying my time alone when I hear sniffling behind me. I glance back to see a woman in her 40’s with her head tilted wiping her eyes. I felt sorry for her but did nothing, I mean what am I suppose to do. I do not know her or the situation. So I go back to my reading only to be interrupted by louder sobbing this time she caught my attention as well as a few others. I did not know if it would be welcome or not but I crossed the boundaries and put my hand on her shoulder and asked if she were ok. She apologized at least 10 times for interrupting all of us. (At this time there were about five people watching us. I asked if there is anything I can do or do I need to call anyone. She then went on and told me how she has no job and she is at the end of her rope she just doesn’t know what to do. How she has not talked to her family in years because of her controlling husband and if only she had enough money to get to Arkansas where her family lives. I asked her again if there is anyone I can call. She started crying harder and said she has nobody. I was so sad for her, I asked her “how much will it take to get to Arkansas?” She said 200 should do it but all she has to her name is 20. So I pulled out my wallet and all I had was 75. I gave her that but then the man beside me came up to the table and put down twenty. Another couple came up and gave 40. And another, she ended up with 220 dollars. She gave everyone a hug and was ecstatic she started crying more. All she could say was thank you, thank you all. God bless you all. I felt like I really done good I felt so satisfied inside. I think all of us did we all had these warm smiles on our face as we watched her leave. One lady said to me I am so glad she found a way to get home. I hope she makes it all the way said another. We watched her cross the parking lot and I still had that warm felling. We all were watching as we saw her get into her brand new LEXUS and drive away. I’m not saying she didn’t need help it’s just a little more sour than sweet as I got into my 10-year-old Saturn and went home. 🙂


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