One year journey

Art Works for Change

As a whole humanity has come so far with most social issues. Most are free to walk where they want when they want to. They are free to vote and own land and earn more than their husbands in the workforce. That being said we still have such a long journey ahead. There is this charity that I love called Art Works for Change they  produce contemporary art exhibitions to address social and environmental issues such as social justice, human rights, gender equity, and environmental sustainability. It uses the transformative power of art as a vehicle to promote dialogue and awareness; inspire action and thought; and address systems for social change. There are different organizations to support all with a different cause. You can tour the exhibits online and learn how to help. Right now you can view one exhibition called OFF THE BEATEN PATH: violence,woman and art. The whole site is absolutely gorgeous and has so much life changing information. I hope you take the time to look for yourself. 

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