One year journey

Two things I never thought I would do, talk to my dad and go to jail

Flashback to a year ago in March. The grant for my school is in. Yeah!! I paid for my classes and books and have a bit left over. What to do, what to do. I was looking on E-Bay and saw these gorgeous pair of sunglasses for only $50.00, hell yeah!! I love them and their designer. ( Yes, I’m sure they are fake but I want them, plus the real ones are like a grand.) So I go into my wallet to pull out my green dot card because I don’t want to get my personal info. stolen. Only I can’t find my card….crap!!! I want these sunglasses NOW!! I guess it won’t hurt to use my school credit card, I mean what are the chances…..  Later that night I go to Wal-mart and since I left my card beside my computer I write a check for $80.00 it’s all tied to the same account anyways then I went to Nike outlet to get some shoes, another $80.00.  A week later I find out whomever I gave my card info to on E-bay went on a little shopping frenzy. WTH. It took two weeks for E-Bay to credit me all my money and everything was back to normal. Well kinda..the checks are still unpaid by me or the bank. I remember thinking I will pay them on my next check then I moved and thought well once I get caught up. Then there was that one time I was going to pay them and my sister needed the money. I’m sure you get the picture. Plus, I had my real bank account I used so they weren’t always on my mind.   Now..  Fast forward to Tuesday of this week. Damn, I’m going to be late for a very important meeting. It won’t hurt if I go a little faster than I should there are never cops around here anyways. I was going 75 no longer than 5 min. when the siren went off and the lights started to flash. Crap I have never had a ticket before!! So much for a perfect record. Well, let’s get this thing over with, I have a busy day. The damn female cop walks up to my window. Licence and…….. you know. Then she brings up the checks.. that apparently have turned into warrants which I did not know checks could do that. So I begin to explain thinking it was no big deal when she asked me to step out of the car. WHAT??? Are you serious. Yes, It was irresponsible of me not to pay them by now but jail. I didn’t mean to be a criminal It just happened. 🙂 She didn’t care to hear my explination she was taken me to jail, JAIL. I walked in the side door in handcuffs. I have a mug shot now and fingerprinted. I was in a holding cell and would stay there until I saw the judge in the morning. I did not cry until they placed a guy that was mentally insane in the cell beside mine. He was buck naked and on suicide watch. I could not see him but I could hear him. He was singing Sail by awolnation. I was thinking that is really an underground group I wonder how he knows about them. (The next day after I was bailed out and leaving I had to walk beside his cell: 7 ft: 400+ pounds: African-American: and naked.. go figure. Back to the day before. So I am in my cell and finally get a phone call. I would call my boyfriend and I should have but I didn’t want him to know where I was. I mean we really are not the jail type of people. I could call my, she’s still in Vegas on vacation. I could call my brother but he works overnight and sleeps during the day and never EVER hears the phone ring. Oh, well I will try maybe he will be awake. Nothing just voicemail. Ge’ez, I guess I will try later. Then the guard informed me there is no later, either get ahold of someone now or wait for them to find me. They would never in a million years think to call a jail. They would put out missing flyers put my pic. on a milk carton. Weeks later assume I was dead bury an empty coffin and hold candle light visuals at it once a year. BUT NEVER assume I was in jail. So, I had no choice I had to call *******DUM****DA******DUM  MY FATHER!! Freak O’la SEriously? My dad!! I wonder if Obama would answer. The guard interrupts my daydream to tell me to hurry up. suddenly my fingers weigh ten pounds as I dial the number. He’s not going to pick up I know he’s… Hello? Dad? Hey, It’s me Crystal. I need your help. I start to cry so bad at this point he can’t understand a word I say. It was in part because I’m in jail but mostly because I haven’t talked to him in so very long and this is our first conversation? I expected him to laugh at me and tell me that’s what I get for shutting him out of my life and then hang up. But he didn’t. He told me be strong, and he will get me out. and how sorry he is that he has wanted to apologize for everything for so long now and leave it to fate to throw us together like this. I found out later that day that I could not be bailed out until I see a judge and that would be morning. So, I went back to my little cell I shared with a very nice crack head that didn’t mind the sobs. She gave me some very accurate legal advice and I gave her my diner because I’m in no mood to eat. I saw the judge in the morning and bail was set, my father paid it and I said goodbye to the woman in my cell. I never did get her name. Waved goodbye to the naked crazy guy as I passed him and went out to enjoy my freedom. There are three things I learned in that jail. Three things I will never forget. One, pay what is due, don’t put it off especially when you don’t have to. Two, we are all the same, just in different packages. My life could have very easily gone another way, I’m just blessed it didn’t and last, you can always count on family. It took a lot to get me out but everyone pitched in not just my father. We are doing good now. It will be a long road to a good relationship put it’s going in the right direction. Don’t judge till you live it. Love always, Crystal

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  1. wow. that sounds so hectic!…but its great that you got to finally talk to your dad ><
    but honestly, think alot of police use any excuse to arrest people. alot of them also don't listen to people. T_T

    Comment by NyankoHime | July 16, 2011 | Reply

  2. This post made me laugh and want to cry all at the same time. A few years back, Dave had a 2-hour stint in jail due to an unpaid ticket he didn’t realize was unpaid (d’oh!). I always tell him his time on the inside changed him.

    And I went more than a year without speaking to my own dad, which is a year I regret. It seems like our dads are always there when we really need them. Please keep up the great, heartfelt posts. 🙂

    Comment by Janna Weiss | July 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. I sometimes think I might be getting to personal but then relize if I can’t tell total strangers all my secrets who can I tell. Haha. Well, mostly total strangers. 😉 Jail can change you if it’s two hours, two days or two years. I would never wish it on my worst enemy. Next time I see ya’ll Me and Dave can swap our jail stories. hehe

      Comment by thoughtsofafatgirl | July 19, 2011

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