One year journey

My week in calories

This week has been great!! I have lost 12 pounds this week, that’s a total of 23 in three weeks.

Monday 13th – 1200 calories

Tuesday 14th – 1355 cal.

Wednesday  15th – 1805 ( i went to Olive Garden) first time i ate at a restaraunt in three weeks, so not bad)

Thurs. 16th – 1015 cal.

Friday 17th – 1250 cal.

Saturday 18th – 200 cal.  (Yes, 200! I had a migraine and did not want to eat anything) It lasted all day!! Aweful!

Sunday 19th – 1500 cal. I made up for sat. 🙂

Every day except saturday I walked 30 min.



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End of the week review

Ok. Saturday 28th – Friday 3rd total weight lose – 5 lbs.

Break down of food intake for the week

Saturday – 1600 cal. 30 min. walk burned 297 cal. daily total: 1303 cal.

Sunday – 1250 cal. 30 min. walk burned 297 cal. daily total: 953 cal.

Monday – 1640 calories.  30 min. walk  burned 297 cal. daily total:  1343 cal.

Tuesday -1505 calories. 30  min. walk burned 297 cal. daily total: 1208 cal.

Wednesday – 1780 cal. 30 min. walk burned  297 cal. total: 1493 cal.

Thursday – 1600 cal. 30 min. walk burned 297 cal. total: 1303 cal.

Friday – 1715 cal. no walk. ( I already know the calories of my dinner)  total 1715 cal.

It has been a pretty good week. I still can’t get use to eating breakfast so I drink a slim fast drink (cappuccino delight) If you like coffee drinks you will love this one. The rest of them are not for me but worth giving them a try.

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I’m going to New York.. bitches

Start spreading the news….I’m leaving today (in a year) I want to be a part of it……New York, New York.  Just picture it kissing sailors, broadway plays..having lunch with Carrie Bradshaw.  Hey, don’t ruin the dream, it could happen. I wanted to up the ante’ in my weight loss. If I succeed in 100 pounds in 1 year I will send myself to New York, If I do not I will take all the money I have saved for the trip and send my arch nemesis. This person is the poster child for bad hair bad attitude and bad breath. Well, to be fair she doesn’t have bad breath. I am going to spare no expense. I want to stay in the best hotels eat at the best restaurants and enjoy the best New York has to offer.  So, the bet is on and I will not lose!!!!!!!!!  P.S!!!!!!

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Boy oh boy…today was bad

I am a roller coaster of emotions and today was straight down. I did not stick to my diet and today was not successful, I really don’t have much more than that to say. tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning. Good night folks

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