One year journey

Go jump off a cliff oh and happy fathers day.

Beat me down, one more time. With every blow, every word I find excitement and life.  With pain comes a welcome entity that envelopes
me. Looking out a window into your soul in otherwise empty eyes. Nothing stops the hurt or the pain but still I’m to week not to cry. I sit alone wondering trying to understand what would make you not be the miserable shell of a man you are. I always held my head down trying to get lost in the crowd.  With diamonds in my eyes I wanted to know what I done wrong.  I still do. My heart stopped beating the night I realized I meant nothing to you. Shallow breathes were all I could manage my lungs refused to take in air. I felt like such a fool vying for your love and you just didn’t  give a damn about us. I sat alone. I was constantly thinking and walking on egg shells trying not to awaken the beast inside you.

All I needed was a father. You have ruined me, turned me into ruins of a once great city. Even when I’m happy your misery stalks me it
creeps into my thoughts and dreams.  I start to be great and just the mere thought of you brings everything crumbling down. Everything reminds me. Did you know I don’t have a single good memory of you? But then again I have blocked out most of them just to cope with life.  What am I going to do I have lost my way? You touch my world every day. I feel I’m losing control. I live broken trying to forget you and all your sorrow. What do I have to do to move on? I’m not yours anymore and I do not love you.

Sometimes I want to take a better look at the man who use to stand before me. I still think I have a chance. A chance for you to love me
a chance to be a family. Then I wake up and remember who you really are. You have to let me go. My memories do not allow me to forget. Where are you? Everything reminds me.

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